About Us

What are we, what do we do and what can we offer your child?

Hollinsclough Academy  is set within the rolling hills of the Peak District National Park, in the small hamlet of Hollinsclough about 10 minutes by car from the centre of Buxton, and close to the foot of Chrome Hill, regarded by many locals of being more like a mountain than a hill.

Hollinsclough is a Church of England Academy and our Christian values are at the heart of all that we do. We welcome children from 3 through to 11 along with their families and are open to all other religions and those who take a secular viewpoint.

We foster close links with our local churches and our community links expand on an almost daily basis.

We are aware of the needs of all children and because of our development of a now nationally recognised approach called Flexi-schooling, we are better able to provide all of our children with individual learning programmes suited to their needs.

Because our children want to come to school, they learn with confidence and reach their full potential within a secure and supportive learning environment in which progress is the key driver.

Equality Duty

We have carefully considered and analysed the impact the design of this website may have on equality, and its possible implications for pupils with protected characteristics. This approach forms part of our commitment to meet the Public Sector Equality Duty requirement to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations.

Our Mission Statement – paves the way

‘To encourage the enthusiasm and joy of learning through a creative curriculum and a holistic approach to education that reflects Christian values and supports our community.We guarantee accessibility and availability to all.’

Our Ethos‘Developing Potential and Christian Values’ – within a nurturing school

Our Vision – We provide a happy, stimulating, secure, safe and nurturing environment that offers all of our children an equal opportunity to develop their own individual abilities and personalities, helping to unlock their potential.

Our approach equips all of our pupils with the knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and values offered by our broad and balanced curriculum, fostering a life long love of learning, in an atmosphere where pupils, parents and teachers can effectively work together enhancing the education provision for all.

Our children appreciate the benefits of healthy living and physical fitness, which along with their learning experiences give them a sense of personal self-respect and confidence, arming them with the tools to make a positive contribution to society and an appreciation of the environment. 

Our Core Principles

  • We offer a Flexi-Schooling option to parents who want or already have an active involvement in their child’s education which is particularly useful for those who currently Electively Home Educate
  • We are a Church of England Academy, and ensure that spirituality is nurtured, and our children experience ‘life in all its fullness.’
  • We invest in people, our staff as well as our children
  • We ensure optimum allocation of resources
  • We have a flat management style, where every member of staff has an important role to play and a responsibility to fulfil
  • We believe in providing a holistic education
  • We aim to ensure that every child reaches their full potential – whatever that will be
  • We believe in a ‘stage not age’ approach
  • We excel at building confidence and self-esteem
  • We help children who have anxiety problems to relax and feel secure
  • We provide a safety net for children who may have been traumatised in some way by the education system
  • We facilitate good health and active lifestyles, including mental health
  • We ensure we meet safeguarding requirements and work with a variety of agencies to support children’s needs
  • We provide a rich and varied curriculum, aimed to not only challenge children but also to encourage creativity, scientific and technical exploration and from that experience the awe and wonder it brings.
  • We prepare our children for the future, allowing them to experience the very latest in technology, developing their project management skills and from that how to think creatively and communicate effectively. We also focus on a range of key life skills especially money management
  • We are a Global Learning Hub and are recognised as the National Leader in the development and implementation of Flexi-schooling. Helping other like-minded schools on their individual journeys as they begin to offer their style of Flexi-schooling