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Project Friday

Each Friday morning throughout the academic year, our pupils focus their learning through a project based activity.  Firstly it is decided what we want to achieve (help make the world better, one tiny step at a time) and then the children each thought about what issues (both global and local) they would like to address.  From that exercise, we were able to prioritise and the children formed mixed-age project teams to move their own priority forward.

We have now reached the end of those particular projects (although some are only just hopefully beginning, elsewhere) – here are our achievements, and some ideas about what we (and you!) can also do at home to help:

Project Pollution – our achievements:

·         We have written to the Prime Minister to ask him to consider spending more money on renewable energy, and why.

·         We made posters to raise awareness about recycling, for around school.

·         We wrote to the local council to ask for more recycling bins (we don’t think that we recycle enough at school currently).

Project Pollution – what could be done at home:

·         Turn down your heating a bit to save fuel.

·         Switch to renewable energy, if you can.

·         Switch lights off if you are not in the room.

·         Recycle properly whenever you can.

·         Walk, cycle or take the bus to places if you can, and don’t go in the car as it uses more fuel.

·         Buy more efficient light bulbs, batteries etc.


Thank you.


Project Stop Deforestation – our achievements:

·       We have written to the President of Brazil, Mrs Dilma Rousseff, with an idea for a fantastic invention – an automatic tree planter, for areas where the forests in Brazil have been chopped down.  We sent a diagram so she could see what we were suggesting.

·       In the spring we will be holding a “Plant a Sapling” day at school – we have been discussing this with our Park Ranger, Martin.

Project Stop Deforestation – what could be done at home:

·       Try not to buy products that contain palm oil.  Many people don’t know that rainforests are cut down, sometimes illegally, so that palm can be grown. This has a massive effect on the forest.

·       When you buy wood products, buy products that have been made from sustainable sources.

Thank you

Project Save the Tigers – our achievements:

·       We have written to the Prime Minster of India, Mr Narendra Modi, with an amazing idea for building a protected area for the protection of tigers.  We sent a diagram too, so he could see what we mean.

Project Save the Tigers – what could be done at home:

·       Adopt a tiger – lots of organisations let you do this, and use the money for conservation and helping tigers and other endangered animals.

·       Sign any petitions you can to stop the trade in endangered animals.


Thank you.



Project Save the Animals – our achievements:

·       In October, we held a “Wear It Wild!” day, where the children (and some of the teachers!) dressed up as animals and brought donations in.  The day was supported brilliantly by everybody and we raised almost £30!!  This has been sent to the World Wide Fund for nature.

Project Save the Animals – what could be done at home:

·       If you have any spare pennies, put them into a collection box for the WWF – if everyone in the country put just one penny in there would be £64m raised!! 

·       If you are getting a new pet, consider a rescue pet first, from a reputable organisation.


Thank you.



We’ve found out through our projects that lots of tiny steps all together make a huge difference – please help us to help the world.

Thank you,

From the children here at Hollinsclough Academy.

© Stephen Malbon, Hollinsclough Academy 2018

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